Pickup and Dropoff

Pick-Up/Drop off:

  • Students should only be picked up/dropped off in the designated area.
  • Students must remain in the designated pick up area and may not walk across the parking lot.
  • If you choose to park on the street you must walk up and meet your child in the designated pick up area. Please escort your child back to your vehicle. Do not ask your child to meet you by the road or motion for them to come to you.
  • Once you reach the pick-up area, please pull all the way forward so that others may pull in behind you.
  • Please ensure students are ready to exit the car when they approach the drop off area.  Please have your students exit promptly as others are waiting.
  • If you reach the pick-up area and your child is not present, please circle around again to allow other parents to pick up their children.
  • If you must leave your car, please park in a designated parking space. The pick-up area is for active loading and unloading only.
    Once your child has entered/exited your car on the passenger side of vehicle, please exit the parking lot via bypass lane to driver’s left. This lane is for driving only — no loading, unloading or stopping at any time.


  • ​We are implementing two waiting lanes in the east side of the parking lot (closest to the field) to ease traffic congestion on the street.  After the pick-up area along the sidewalk is filled, please form an "A" and a "B" line.  As space becomes available, please move forward, alternating from the "A" and "B" lines.
  • Please be aware that these lines begin forming by 3:10, making it difficult to park in and leave from that side of the parking lot.
    Please have students sit on the right side of the vehicle so that they may enter/exit the vehicle right along the sidewalk.
  • Entering/Exiting on the left side of the vehicle creates a dangerous situation.
  • Please have younger students practice buckling themselves into their seatbelts.
  • We ask that you refrain from using your cell phone while the pick-up line is moving.  The safety of our students is our biggest priority, and parents distracted by cell phones creates a dangerous situation for the children.

 pick up map