Rules & Conduct

Each student has the right to a positive learning environment. We ask students to agree to all policies described in the Student Rights & Responsibilities , as well as the rules detailed below.

Weapons Policy

Both the state of Washington and the Central Kitsap School District have taken strong action to assure safe schools for all students and staff.  In keeping with State Law, our school board has adapted a policy, which carries severe consequences for any student who brings a weapon to school-regardless of the reason or the age of the student.

Any student that brings a firearm to school, or who has one in their possession while on school grounds or at a school sponsored event, will be expelled.  State law says that students expelled for bringing a gun to school may not be admitted to any other public school in the state, during the time of expulsion.

Weapons are defined as any object, in addition to a knife or gun, brought to school with the intent to harm another person.  In fact, our schools are not allowing replicas of weapons including air guns, toy guns, water pistols, etc.


Sudent Dress Code

The school recognizes that student dress and appearance is the primary responsibility of the parents.  However, in view of a positive correlation between student dress, student behavior, and academic achievement, the district has adopted a policy (3244) on student dress.  Student dress and appearance must not present health and safety problems, be damaging to school property, or create a risk of disruption at school or school sponsored activities.  The following guidelines are to be used in choosing clothing to wear:

  • No excessively sagging pants that are not belted.
  • Clothing design must prevent exposure of undergarments.
  • Midriff (half) shirts must not expose skin below the shirt.
  • Clothing that makes a reference to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual impropriety; or with profanity, obscenity, or vulgarity is not allowed.
  • No clothing with excessive holes or tears.
  • Shoes must have a back strap and closed toe—i.e. no flip-flops—must be safe for PE and recess.

Warm weather dress code

  • Tank tops must havean inch or more strap.No halter tops.
  • Shorts must be at least finger tip length.
  • A student that dresses inappropriately will be required to change clothing or put on clothing that covers inappropriate items.This may require a student to go home.

Responsible Playground Behavior

  • Students will play in a manner that does not interfere with the activities of other students.
  • Students will play in assigned areas visible to teachers and/or playground assistants.
  • Students will show respect for others and follow instructions given by staff.
  • No playing on the hill.
  • Students will stay outside during all recesses unless they have a pass.
  • Rough play is not allowed on the playground.This includes play fighting.
  • Students will leave rocks, bark, sticks, and other dangerous objects alone.
  • Students will not have food or drinks on the playground.This includes gum and candy.Popcorn and ice cream from the PTA on Fridays is okay.
  • Students will leave all personal items at home such as cards, radios, and toys.
  • Students will only be allowed to leave the playground with a parent if there is a note from the office.
  • Basketballs must remain on the blacktop.
  • Basketballs are not to be kicked.
  • Footballs, Frisbees, softballs, and soccer balls are to be used only on the field
  • Jump ropes are not to be tied together or used as whips
  • Place playground equipment in the basket instead of throwing it at the end of recess.
  • Only walking is allowed on the stairs.
  • The steps to the music room are off limits to students during recess.
  • All students need to follow playground equipment procedures.

Indoor Recess Behaviour

  • No sporting equipment is allowed to be played with in the room (Super balls to basketballs).
  • No food is to be eaten in the classroom.
  • Passes to other areas of the building are to be handed out by the teacher before lunch.
  • All students must stay in their own rooms.
  • Students need to wait by their doorway to get permission to use the bathroom.
  • Games that students bring are OK for anticipated indoor recess if it is given to the teacher to be put somewhere special in the room.
  • Activities will be made available for students to choose from. For example: Board games, computer time, drawing paper, activity sheets, etc.

Responsible Lunchroom Behavior

Coming to Lunch and Lunch Line:

  • Students are to be escorted to the lunch area by their classroom teachers
  • Classes will sit at assigned tables.
  • Two students will bring the lunch tub to the lunchroom and put it in the assigned area.
  • Students buying lunch will get into the hot lunch line.
  • Students buying milk may go to the front of the line.
  • While in line, students will keep hands, feet and objects to themselves.
  • Students will use quiet voices in the lunch line.

Lunch Area Procedures:

  • Students will use quiet voices when talking.
  • Students will keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
  • Students will stay in their seats while they are eating.
  • Students who have finished eating are to take their trash to the garbage can and then return to their seats.
  • Students will eat quietly and use good manners.
  • Students will walk in the lunch area.
  • Everyone will treat others with respect.
  • A signal will be used for announcements to get quiet, and two minutes before dismissal.


  • Students will clean up their own area and return to their table for dismissal.
  • The lunchroom supervisors will check each table and dismiss students if the table and floor are reasonably clean.
  • Slow eaters will be assigned to overflow tables.
  • When dismissed, students will walk quietly to the exit door of the cafeteria.
  • Lunch boxes will be placed in lunchroom tubs.
  • Students will be assigned to return tubs to the classroom hallway doors.
  • Students are to remain on the playground unless they are given a pass to enter the building.